My photographic research document the changing face of cities, the wounded landscapes, the appropriation of the land by means of construction, destruction, and reconstruction.

Cities struggle to define their identities, their landscapes: politically, economically, culturally and historically. There is a permanent tension between opening and closing.

"Cities are the warning signs of disasters" Walter Benjamin

 My work witnesses consumerist society and ecological issues. I'm looking for  porosity,  dismantling landscape, multitude loneliness.

There is a seed of destruction in the city.

Through proper photography, webcam, google maps views, sounds and words from broadcast  via a deconstruction and reconfiguration; I'm looking for an interconnection between fiction, reality and materiality.

 Contemporary art requires the attitude of a pirate: replicating, organizing, archiving, sharing, recycling, duplicating, quoting, duplicating and pirating. 


Haccoun Myriam